About Theresa:

Tuned into today’s current mandates, Theresa has an extensive training calendar she keeps. Through her educational pieces she provides clients, she is able to help people make better, educated decisions that impact their lives. In addition to staying up-to-date on her profession, Theresa also enjoys spending quality time with her daughter, spending time with friends and family and daily workouts at the gym. She believes that having a healthy work-life balance and a spiritual focus are vital elements to being a positive force in the people’s lives she touches each day.

Growing up in Kansas City, Theresa is very loyal to her hometown. Watching the city grow and thrive, she believes that the Kansas City area is one of the best-kept secrets. No matter what part of the metro you are looking to sell or buy a home, Theresa believes there’s a jewel out there for each client she serves. With over 20 years of experience, Theresa knows how to negotiate the best price for her clients in today’s market.

Theresa’s Philosophy:

Greeting each client with her optimistic spirit, Theresa puts her clients first. She is honest, open and upfront with each seller and buyer. Theresa is an agent of integrity and believes there is no room for “sugar coating”. Her motto is to provide enough information to empower her clients to make an informed decision.

Client Experience When Working With Theresa:

Success is not done alone. So, when working with Theresa Young a client is on the same level playing field as the agent. Theresa believes that it’s not a good approach to show homes for commission purposes, rather she strives to help a seller or buyer find the right approach that is in the their best interest. Being a person of great vision, Theresa also sees the value in being very proactive and relentless in her follow up for each client. Together, the client and Theresa can find the solution that opens doors to a client’s dreams.